Airtel reignites price wars as it massively slashes calling,data rates

23May 2019
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Airtel reignites price wars as it massively slashes calling,data rates

SUBSCRIBERS of Airtel Tanzania Limited can now make voice calls across any network for as low as 1/- per second (60/- per minutes) as the mobile phone services company reignites prices wars in a crowded market.

Airtel Tanzania Director of Communication Beatrice Singano speaks in Dar es Salaam this week during the launch of a new campaign dubbed ‘Tamba mitandao yote,’ which allows the company’s subscribers to call across networks for as little as 1/- per second. She is flanked by the company’s Director of Marketing Isaack Nchunda. Photo: Guardian Photographer.

Introducing the rates this week through a campaign, ‘Tamba mitandao yote’ Airtel’s Director of Marketing, Isaac Nchunda in Dar es Salaam this week that the price slash does not force anyone to buy the company’s bundle.

“The move is aimed at offering freedom and affordable communication services to all Airtel customers across the country,” Nchunda said ahead of Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority’s 2022 deadline for the price per minute across networks to fall to 250/-.

“We are excited to introduce this new tariff plan of 1/- per second across all networks that guarantees our customers value and freedom to talk,” he added noting that Airtel customers will also enjoy reduced rates on data from 172/- per megabyte to 40/- per Mb while price of short text message fell from 69/- to 10/-.

“Tamba mitandao yote campaign promises Airtel customers quality affordable services, in essence even when a customer has not subscribed to any bundle, they can still enjoy calling all networks for as little as 1/-,” the Marketing Director stressed.

Seconding her peer, Airtel Director of Communications, Beatrice Singano said according to TCRA statistics, the number of customers using voice calls between 2017 and 2018 increased from 40 million to 43 million.

“Our customer base has steadily grown in the last two quarters, thanks to our state of the art network and innovative products and services. We believe our offer will help customers to talk more, save money and utilize the same in other economic activities,” Singano said.

She said the campaign is a hassle free because customers don’t have to worry which network they are calling to because the rates are across networks.

Airtel continues to grow its distribution network which has over 650 Airtel Money Branches that allow its customers to easily access its unique range of products and services offered on its high quality network offering Mobile Money, voice, competitive data for internet browsing and connectivity.

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