Saturday Feb 28, 2015
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President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete hands over a gift to former Prime Minister Cleopa David Msuya during colourful celebration to mark his 80th birthday.PHOTO/FILE.
Ex-PMs quit to haunt backyard
Remarks are elicited from time to time from the country's elder statesmen, when they seek to show the way forward for the beleaguered affairs of the country. They touch everything from the rising budget deficit to crime levels to sugar and cement and what have you, while a considerable.
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From bush to modern toilets in Keko.
John Kimbesa (84) is one of the earliest residents of Keko Machungwa, one of the highest densely populated slums in Dar es salaam out of a once  landscape with scattered houses including his own built immediately as he moved there more than 50 years ago.   He had joined.
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