Sunday Dec 28, 2014
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Cash Crimes: Isn`t There Any Way Out?

Twin features in rising cash crimes in the country call for thought, and no authorities have any ready answers for the malady, first being false cards inserted into automatic teller machines (ATM) and defrauding clients, and finally banks which have to reimburse the stolen cash, of millions of shillings virtually each passing day Full Story

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SOCIETY WATCH: What will 2014 be remembered for?
SPORTS WATCH: Year in review
YOUTH OF THE WEEK: Education awareness on impact of HIV/Aids vital among Maasai community
Former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa (L) shakes hands with the former Minister for Home Affairs, Ali Ameir Mohammed at his home in Kichaviani, Donge constituency, Zanzibar yesterday. Lowassa is in Zanzibar for X-Mass vacation.

SPECIAL REPORT-2 Probe on forest mafia syndicate down south

Last week, The Guardian on Sunday revealed rampant corruption in the Angai village land forest reserve in Liwale, Lindi Region. The villagers and their leaders accused the district leaders of corruption, colluding and approving forged documents to facilitate illegal timber harvesting, a  situation that has led to severe degradation of one of the richest woodland ecosystem proposed to be gazetted as Village Land Forest Reserves Full Story

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