Friday Dec 19, 2014
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Minister of State Vice President’s Office Environment Dr Binillith Mahenge (L) listens attentively to the Director General of Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) Dr Hassan Mshinda, when the Tanzanian high level delegation had visited one of the Ugandan GM crops field trials. The delegation was in Uganda to learn how its counterpart has managed to practice modern biotechnology in the field. Tanzania is still at confined laboratory trial stage.
Why some farmers embrace GE crops
Generic engineering (GE) or genetic modification (GM), this is a process by which genes (units responsible for inheritance of characteristics in living things) are transferred into living things to give them useful and desired characteristics. Using GE/GM, it is possible to introduce.
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Modern maize varieties localised in semi-arid zone in Tanzania
Maize is the most produced crop in sub-Saharan Africa, but yields are low and climate change is projected to further constrain smallholder production. The current efforts to breed and disseminate new high yielding and climate ready maize varieties are implemented through the formal.
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